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Sample TakeOffs
Office space with carpet tile flooring 5 Office space with carpet tile flooring 4 Office space with carpet tile flooring 7 Office space with carpet tile flooring 6 Office space with carpet tile flooring 2 Office space with carpet tile flooring 3

Sample Reports & Take-offs

Our experience in commercial flooring centers around products we're most familiar with and have direct access to (samples, technical data, product specifications, etc). There are many more brands that are available and we'll be happy to offer quantity take-offs on.

Below are several example of past reports, which illustrate our take-offs. Similar files, such as these, will be submitted for your project, in PDF and Microsoft Excel formats.

We can match and create any patterns, inlays & designs!

Floor pattern 1 Floor pattern 2 Floor pattern 3 Floor pattern 4


Catholic Healthcare West - Hospital

Entire hospital floor in full color showing:

Color Summary 1
Color Summary 2

Same example, with only a colored grid, showing:

takeoff 1
takeoff 2

Excel Here is the quantified material take-off, with all the specified products and listed on the Finish Schedule, quantified to reflect the total gross amounts needed for this project. This is the main file that you'll need for the take-off quantities.


Colusa County Outreach Facility - Yuba Community College

This takeoff consists of carpeting, resilient, sealed concrete, and dyed polished concrete.

PDF iconColored Take-off Report
PDF seam diagramColored Product Keycode with Seam
PDF screenZoom Sample on a Specific Area
Excel sheetFinal Quantified Material Take-off Report

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Each project poses it's own unique characteristics and details, even if the same architect and the same layout is used. There are many factors to consider when estimating commercial flooring and we do just that.

If you have a colored plotter, you may download the Callidus Viewer and print full scale colored plans, for presentation or installation purposes. Or you may request the files in larger sized PDF formats, such as Architectural sizes C, D, E, to be printed at your nearest reprographics store.