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About Us

Learn More About Our Floor Estimating Service

Commercial Flooring Estimating LLC is a freelance commercial flooring estimating service, offered only online, to businesses, contractors, architects, property managers and all those seeking estimates for their flooring projects. We operate as an independent contractor - not affiliated with any particular manufacturer or distributor, nor do we intend on pushing a certain product across.


CFE is physically located in California US, in the city of Rocklin, and have no affiliate services or employees outside of the United States.

We take great pride in providing an unmatched service from an exceptional and knowledgeable staff in the US.

Our experience in the commercial flooring industry is vast, gathered from a team of individuals with backgrounds in general building construction, architectural design, professional flooring installers and estimators. Having worked in the commercial flooring field for many years, for various large scale commercial companies, and having done hundreds of take-offs and estimates on small & large scale projects, we know we have a solid grasp and understanding of the commercial flooring business.

About Cristian
Cristian Valcu is the CEO and Founder of Commercial Flooring Estimating LLC in 2008.

The fundamental notion behind this company's services is that of direct cost saving to the client. Our services are done quickly, accurate, professional and at a very affordable prices. Rely on our experience and expertise to cover all necessary details and to make your company more successful.

We're here to begin a long lasting relationship with our clients, therefore, we are committed to preserving your privacy and information.

The system we've created is one of a kind, integrating our flooring expertise into every single project for a perfect outcome. The takeoffs are files in PDF, Excel and for advanced users we can provide the actual take-off file from Callidus.

Standing behind our company's mission statement, we provide you with a one of a kind experience. The detail accuracy provided by our take-off reports are the most accurate you'll ever find, done by the best floor estimating program called Callidus. Imagine that ingenuity at work on large scale projects, such as entire hospitals, hotels, sky-scraper buildings, making material waste accounted for and moved into places where patches are allowed - converting your total numbers to as minimal as possible.

Our goal is for you to be successful and satisfied with our services. We make everything simple, accurate and professional.