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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We've created a helpful guide, made of various questions and answers, to provide a better understanding of our services. Please click on each question to reveal the answers.

General & Estimating & Process

Q: What type of flooring estimating do you offer?

Our specialty is in commercial flooring. No residential flooring will be accepted.

Q: Are your services available outside of the United States?

Our services are offered for World Wide use. No matter where you live or how small/large your project is, we can help you and are welcome to use our services. Plans and specs MUST be in English!

Q: Do you offer your quantities using the metric system, or just the US imperial system?

YES! We can set your takeoff reports estimated in metric.

Q: What would you want me to send you to estimate my project?

Simply put - PLANS & SPECS or links to them! We can take it from there! If you have no specs, we can get the material details from you, but we need some sort of plans.

Q: Can you download my plans directly from a contractor link/invitation, builder's exchange, Dodge, bidmail, bid sites, etc.?

Yes! It would actually be much easier to go directly to the source, this way in case there are Addendums, we can make a note of them, at the time of estimating. Some site require a login/password, which you may have to provide to us. (Your information will no be used, shared or distributed by us - as detailed in our terms of use)

Q: If plans are not to scale (NTS), can you scale them?

Yes. We will scale any plans to actual scale for an accurate take-off estimate.

Q: Can you estimate for furniture moving or lifting areas?

Yes! It is very common that office spaces are occupied by cubical systems and for amount purposes, we can provide the amounts (yards or meters) occupided by those cubicals. This helps if you're trying to break down the costs for furniture moving/lifting from carpet installation.

Materials & Take-off Reports

Q: What file format will the reports have?

The files will come as PDF.

Q: Can I print the reports on my plotter or printer?

YES, you can print them on a plotter (any size) or on your printer. We include a seam diagram in Architectural size E with all projects, for plotters.

Q: What reports do I receive?

The most important files you'll receive are: 1. PDF format material take-off (this is the most important file); 2. Colored Keycode - a layout diagram off of the floorplan, showing where each material gets installed (PDF format). 3. A Colored Summary of Floorplan - shows both keycode and material quantity amounts (PDF format). Additionally you may request the master Callidus files (extra fee applies).

Q: If the carpet has a pattern repeats, circles, borders, can you estimate that?

Of course! Our estimating software is among the best - there are no details left untouched. Pattern repeats, VCT patterns and designs, cicles or odd shapes, can all be done. We can create and design off any patters.

Q: There are no amounts offered for adhesives, prep and sundries, why not?

We will not estimate for adhesives, prep and sundries - as per contract. Each project is different, each floor has a specific pH, rH or calcium chloride reading - which is very specific to the types of glues that the manufacturer recommends per warranty coverage. You will need to contact the manufacturer to obtain the proper adhesive, based on provided takeoff amounts.

Q: What does F/C stand for, seen next to the resilient sheets?

We label F/C anything that has Flash Coving (or Full Cove, or Integral Cove). Example: resilient sheet vinyl is typically F/C 6" up the wall in public restrooms.

Q: How much metal/plastic cap and cove stick do I need for F/C resilient?

We will included in reports exact linear feet of integral cove to determine amounts for cap and stick.

Q: Why is the waste factor so much?

The software calculates the waste factor very exact. You do not need to add any additional material to successfully install the job. However, specifications may call for "attic" or "maintenance" stock to be 2-5%. You must add that on top of our amounts.

RFIs & Project Changes & Addendums

Q: What if plans and specs don't match and an RFI needs to be sent to GC/architect?

At the time of estimating, any questions or concerns we might encounter (plans don't match with specs, finish schedules don't have enough details, missing interior elevation important details, missing plans, etc) we will send you an email, in an RFI format, to pass on to the GC/architect for response. Upon getting back the answers requested, we will continue with the estimate. If the RFI is not answered, we will make a recommendation as to what to do or what to qualify as exclusion on your proposal.

Q: Do you charge for the time spent at looking at all the details and reading the specs?

NO! It is our job to become experts with the project and all its details. At the time of processing the estimate, we look at everything that has to do with the requested section and make necessary side notes to guide us. If there are questions we will issue an RFI (see above question) and than adjust as necessary.

Q: Will you be responsible for all Addendums on a project?

We will review all addendums present at the time of our estimating. Once we finish estimating, we will NOT be responsible for other Addendums that followed after our estimate. It is your responsibility to check on a regular basis for Addendums. Please let us know any changes that may impact your project so we can modify accordingly.

Q: Can you split the areas for multiple phases/installation stages?

Yes! We can break down any areas for phases/installation stages - simply let us know what you'll need.

Quotes, Invoicing & Payments

Q: Do you really provide an upfront FREE quote?

Yes! Once we receive your files, we will review and evaluate the project and give you an idea of what it will cost.

Q: Can we pay you direct using a credit card? Or pay with checks?

You may pay with credit card, upon a Credit Application/Agreement is completed. If you wish to pay directly by Credit Card (over the phone), we will require you to complete an Autorization Form and email it back to us. We use Paypal Merchant Services.

Q: Do you give receipts?

Your receipt is the final invoice if using company checks. If you pay by credit card then you will receive a payment receipt from Paypal.

Other Questions & Answers

Q: What do you guarantee?

We guarantee that our amounts are accurate and correct - as the material estimated will be suficient for the covered areas - and your complete satisfaction with our services. (No, we do not refund money on estimates, nor will we be held liable for any losses associated with the project, as stated in Terms of Agreement)

Q: How can I get discounts? And how much?

Considerable discounts will be offered to clients that use our services on a monthly pre-paid membership basis. The membership option offers a greater discounted rate vs. pay-per-project option.. Request our price sheet for additional information.