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Advanced Flooring Estimating Sheet Pro

Advanced Flooring Estimating Sheet
(Pro Version)

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This advanced flooring estimating Excel worksheet, is intended for flooring professionals only. It is filled with complex features and formulas needed to properly estimate small to large scale commercial flooring jobs. Our expert experience in the flooring industry made us develop this easy to use Excel tool to help those who seek a professional spreadsheet to help them create accurate proposals.
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Key Essential Features

Bidding or Direct Sales Integration

Build In Formulas

Why this estimating worksheet form works?

Flexible for editing

You'll THANK us later....


Bundle Package at Lowest Price - Advanced Estimating Worksheet ($49.99), Labor Estimating Worksheet ($29.99), Production Estimating Worksheet ($19.99) and Travel Pay Calculator. Have everything at your finger tips and ready to go for one discounted price. Use professional Excel worksheets with advanced formulas to keep your estimating process more accurate. Don't do guess-work only to forget your guessing process, have worksheets that keep track of all your work.

Client Testimonial

I purchased your Advanced Estimating Worksheet a few years ago and it works great! Your estimating sheets are absolutely the best in the business, and I've been doing this for 35+ years.

Jon Beck, President of Corporate Flooring Group