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Estimation Tools & Forms

Flooring Estimation Tools & Forms

CFE has developed a number of estimating tools meant for flooring professionals who seek help in creating accurate bid proposals. There EXCEL based spreadsheets are ideal helping tools for flooring professionals only.

Advanced Flooring Estimating Sheet
(Pro Version)

Advanced Estimating Sheet Buy now

STOP doing material takeoffs and writing your amounts on pieces of paper! This advanced flooring estimating Excel worksheet, is intended for flooring professionals only. It is filled with complex features and formulas needed to properly estimate small to large scale commercial flooring jobs. Our expert experience in the flooring industry made us develop this easy to use Excel tool to help those who seek a professional spreadsheet to help them create accurate proposals. This excel floor estimating sheet WILL HELP YOU get more organized in your bid.
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Key Essential Features

Labor Estimate Sheet

Labor Form Buy Now

Complete and ready to use. For Labor/Install Shops

If you're a labor/install shop and want to price out a client, use this form. Estimate like a pro with this complete labor estimating form. With built in man day production rates, simply add in your man day loaded wage, material quantities & profit margin. Use this form to plug in the takeoff quantities and QUICKLY get a number for labor.

Key Essential Features

If you're a labor shop and want to price out a client, use this form. You should already know 3 things:

  1. How much an installer man day (loaded) wage is at your shop.
  2. How much an installer can install per day (quantity) of any material.
  3. How much profit you want to make on the job.


Production Rate Form

product rate spreadsheet Buy Now

With Man Day calculations

So you have your takeoff quantities, but wonder how many man days will the project need? How many people should you send to do the job?

Industry standards for commercial floor installation. Knowing how much your installer should be able to install per day will help you determine how many installers to send to a project and how long it will take to complete.

Key Essential Features


Get ALL 3 Estimating Worksheets (Bundle Package)

Buy Now

All 3 estimating worksheets listed above, combined bundle package:

  1. Advanced Estimating Worksheet ($49.99 value)
  2. Labor Estimating Worksheet ($29.99 value)
  3. Product Rate Worksheet ($19.99 value)

All for only $69.99

Free Travel Pay Calculator

Free Calculator

Easy calculator for installer's travel time and miles to/from shop to project site. With built in mileage allowance, free shop zone area and more...

Key Essential Features

Simple estimating solution for out of area projects. (click image to download)