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What are the key Responsibilities of a Commercial Flooring Estimator?

What are the key Responsibilities of a Commercial Flooring Estimator?

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Accurate cost estimation is vital for the success of any commercial construction project. When the accurate cost estimation is not done correctly, it can lead to a range of issues, including delays in project completion, budget overruns, and unsatisfactory construction results. This is where the commercial flooring estimator comes into play. Let’s discuss the key responsibilities of a commercial flooring estimator and learn how they can help ensure smooth project execution, which will directly benefit your company when selecting Commercial Flooring Estimating LLC as your flooring estimator.

Understanding The Project Requirements

This is surely one of the key responsibilities of a professional commercial flooring estimator. It starts with understanding the project requirements as they pertain to YOUR company's needs and expectations, including closely collaborating with architects, project managers, and clients, to gain insight into budget constraints, project timeline, and project overall scope. This helps to lay the foundation for the accurate material estimation of a project.

Reviewing Project Scope on plans and specifications

Another key responsibility of a commercial flooring estimator is being able to read and interpret architectural drawings and specifications. For accurate estimation, conducting a comprehensive job review to collect essential data that includes accessing current flooring details, conditions, scales and dimensions, and identifying any potential obstacles that may affect the project's completion. This thorough analysis is considered an important factor in the entire estimation process.

Analyzing Material Requirements

After understanding the project scope and completing an overall project analysis, the flooring estimator then gathers information on the material scope, by analyzing the material requirements. The requirements are typically layed out on the achitectural plans and involve familiarizing ourselves with them and how they integrate into the project. Other project specifications are also reviewed for considerations. Moreover, at the completion of the takeoff, the commercial flooring estimator calculates the material quantity requirements to cover the targeted floor area and other variables.

Tracing and Digitizing the plans

Once the project is fully downloaded, the review process completed the real task begins. We are able to pull the entire architectural package and remove the pages which only imact flooring, such as material finsh schedules, room finish plans, elevation details that pertain to the flooring division required, transition details, etc. Once everything is set, we begin the process of tracing the entire floorplan using Callidus flooring software. This flooring software allows the estimator to properly input the material data into the rooms as per schedules. It's a very tedious and precise estimating task, but the commercial flooring estimator will be very well prepared for it in order to complete accurate flooring material takeoffs.

Presenting Accurate Material Takeoffs

Upon completion of the digitazing or tracing of the entire project, the estimator uses the information collected and begins forming the material takeoff report - which in essence is the single most important piece of the estimating that offers precise quantitative data related to the measurements. This data is presented in both NET and GROSS area calculations. Additionally wall base and transitions/reducers are given in linear footage. The estimator provides this material takeoff to the clients, allowing them to make informed decisions, and avoid any additional costs and obstacles in the project.

Collaborating With The Clients

While performing all responsibilities, the commercial flooring estimator communicates with their clients, (and/or subcontractors), and others involved in the project. This is done to address their concerns, ask questions, and gain more insight into the project.

Going above and beyond

There are many instances where plans are left unfinished, thus projects are incomplete from an architectural stand point. Our commercial flooring estimating team will create proper RFI (request for information) files that are sent to you/GC to properly address the unanswered plan issues. It may be simple or complex issues, we've seen them all, but this process ensures that all the steps have been covered and properly qualified. Depending on the project, answers may be provided or not. We will make all necessary qualification for you to follow and be aware of. No stone left unturned, because at the end of the day you're entrusting your company to us.

Ending Notes

The commercial flooring estimator plays a significant role in successfully executing any construction project by performing the above responsibilities. Hence, businesses looking for the best commercial flooring estimator who can understand their vision should work with Commercial Flooring Estimating LLC. With 20+ years of experience, we are dedicated to providing exceptional estimation service.