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Estimating by hand vs using Calidus estimating software

Old school estimating vs New estimating - Key Advantages

Callidus estimator expert

Estimating flooring projects by hand versus using specialized flooring software like Callidus involves several key differences in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and capabilities. Here's an outline of the key distinctions:

Estimating by Hand (old school estimating):

Manual Calculation

Estimators rely on manual calculations using pen, paper, and basic mathematical formulas to determine material quantities, labor costs, and additional expenses.


Hand calculations can be time-consuming, especially for complex projects or when dealing with multiple variables such as different types of flooring materials and installation methods.

Risk of Errors

There's a higher risk of errors in manual calculations due to human error, especially when dealing with large amounts of data or complex calculations.

Limited Detail

Hand estimates may lack the level of detail and accuracy provided by specialized software, leading to potential discrepancies between the estimate and the actual project costs.

Difficulty in Updates

Updating estimates or making revisions can be cumbersome and may require redoing calculations from scratch, particularly if there are changes to project specifications.

Estimating with Callidus Flooring Software (new estimating standard):

Automated Calculation

Callidus software automates the calculation process, allowing estimators to input project details and quickly generate accurate estimates based on predefined algorithms and database of materials and labor costs.


The software streamlines the estimating process, saving time and reducing the need for manual calculations. Estimators can produce detailed estimates more efficiently, even for complex projects.


Callidus software minimizes the risk of errors associated with manual calculations, ensuring greater accuracy in estimating material quantities, labor costs, and additional expenses.

Detailed Reports

The software generates detailed reports that provide a comprehensive breakdown of costs, including materials, labor, taxes, and other expenses, enabling better transparency and understanding for both the estimator and the client.


Callidus software allows for customization of estimates to suit specific project requirements and client preferences. Estimators can easily adjust variables such as material types, quantities, and labor rates to reflect changes in project scope.


Callidus software may integrate with other business management systems, such as accounting software or project management platforms, streamlining workflow and enhancing collaboration between different departments within the organization.

Updates and Revisions

The software facilitates easy updates and revisions to estimates as project details evolve or change. Estimators can quickly make adjustments without having to redo calculations manually.


Callidus flooring software offers significant advantages over manual estimating methods in terms of speed, accuracy, detail, and flexibility, ultimately leading to more efficient and reliable project estimates.

In conclusion, the process of commercial flooring estimating has evolved significantly with the advent of technology such as Callidus flooring software. While traditional methods relied heavily on manual measurements, calculations, and estimations, modern software solutions like Callidus streamline the process by automating tasks, providing accurate material calculations, and offering advanced features such as pattern visualization and integration with supplier databases. These software tools not only improve efficiency but also enhance the accuracy of estimates, leading to more informed decision-making and ultimately better outcomes for clients and flooring contractors alike. As technology continues to advance, the role of software in flooring estimation will likely become even more prominent, revolutionizing the way projects are planned, estimated, and executed in the commercial flooring industry.

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